Wir decided to give 1000,- € to Mwogo in times of corona in 2020.


Here is a quicky report of Mwogo TVET school,

After calling the school manager of Mwogo TVET school Hatangimana Alphons, Here you will identify the situation is look like until September and the support school need.

1. As you know Mwogo TVET school is a public school, Teacher’s salaries are paid by the government, the number of staff is 15 and (4 for security, 1 for cleaning and 1 for cooking). The government is paying the salary of 13 teachers the other 2 teachers are paid by the school, unfortunately, their contract is stopped from the month of May until September (The salary of those 2 teachers of March and April is not yet paid but it will be paid when the situation goes well).

2. Two teachers are affected by the situation where their contract is stopped and their salary of March and April is not yet paid. (The school is responsible not the government).

3. About the salary will be paid by the government by now they do not really know how it is structured if is 40% or 60% there is no official declaration of this “headteacher said”

4. School expenses during this time of Coronavirus until September is:

Payment of: 4 for security and 1 for cleaning cost 20,000 rwf per month for each

Payment of electricity cost 20,000 rwf per month

Payment of Water cost 15,000 rwf per month

Communication expenses 25,000 rwf per month (for headmaster, secretary, and accountant because they are still working).

The total amount of school expenses during this time of coronavirus is 160,000 rwf per month.

Mwogo TVET School requests for support of paying the salary of security, cleaner, and payment of electricity and water expenses.

5. Other information

On Friday the 8th of May 2020 they will start a new project of construction 3 classrooms in Mwogo TVET school financed by the government(District of Nyamagabe).


Kindly You will find attached the amount of staff and staff assistant salaries.

Mwogo TVET School: Situation until September 2020
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