As already mentioned, the association is working on different projects in the districts of Huye and Nyamagabe. We are proud to present here our projects in the field of education, development, public health care, youth aid and development cooperation


Overview of our Projects …

  • April 2007: Kindergarten in Mogombwa
  • March 2008: Kindergarten in Kigoma
  • March 2008: Maintenance/Expansion water supply system in Kamegeri
  • August 2009: Nutrition consultation in Kamegeri
  • December 2010: Maintenance of 5 classrooms in Kizi
  • April 2012: Improving the nutritional situation of small animal husbandry
  • January 2013: Vocational training center in Mwgo (Building/Garage)
  • November 2014: Tools and training material for garage
  • November 2017: Building and equipping carpenter’s shop


Completed Project

(Details: Year, Duration, Costs, Partner, Donations, amount of work)

Kindergarten Mugombwa

    • The first project of the association began in 2006 and was finalized 2007. It was focusing on supporting a kindergarten, with already 62 enrolled children, in the district of Nyamagabe. At finalization of the project already 180 children were enrolled. During the project, the parents helped out to build the three-room kindergarten, due to bankruptcy of the construction company.
    • The association handed play- and learning materials to the principal (from the municipality and Sparkasse) as well as school materials. ( from the Karabe association – 60 blackboards and pens together with different bags containing flower seeds and one watering can)

Kindergartenprojekt in Ruanda

Kindergarten Kigoma

    • The association handed the principal present (from the municipality and Sparkasse) as well as school material (from the Karabe association – 60 blackboards and pens together with different bags containg flower seeds and one watering can)


Water project Nyamagabe

    • The third project of the association was a water project in the partner sector “Kamegeri” located in the township of “Nyamagabe”. It was a constructional measure “water supply system project for the provision of water to 200 families in the partner sector “Kamegeri”, in the township of “Nyamagabe”, which started 2006 and was largely completed by Summer 2007. It was even possible to chalk up a small surplus in the final accounts. At the suggestion of the Rhineland-Palatinate coordination office in Kigali this surplus was provided as emergency measure for earthquake damages in the west province of Rwanda.

„The professional planning, execution of the construction and cost usage control by the Rhineland-Palatine coordination office in Kigali has proven once again that development cooperation from ‘continent to continent’ can be conducted in an efficient and productive way. At this point it is explicit given thanks again to the single sponsor of the water supply system project for his donation at that time. The successful and fast execution of this project which also was supported by our Partnerschaftsverein (partnership association) assists the people in Rwanda directly and immediately. This is encouraging to also take on bigger cooperation projects” Sybille Hass-Machill as chair of the Partnerschaftsverein KARABA-Neuwied e.V. (partnership association KARABA-Neuwied e.V.).


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School Nyamagabe „Kizi“

Largest primary school project within the partner sector of Neuwied is finished. Development cooperation society Karaba-Neuwied supported renovation

Artikel der Rhein-Zeitung (mit Genehmigung)


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Ongoing Projects

Craftsman Center Nyamagabe

This project was initiated during the Rwanda Days 2009 in cooperation with the Federal President at that time Horst Köhler. It was financed by the stall of the association, a donation of the Sparkasse Neuwied as well as a contribution from the Federal President.

The projects is composed of 3 phases:

    • Construction of the garage (2009-2013)
    • Construction of the carpenter’s shop (2009-2013)
    • Equipping of the carpenter’s shop (2009-2017)

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Future projects

Main focus for the next 2 years:

    • Student and teacher exchange in the field of education;
    • Strengthening of in-service and vocational training in cooperation with Chambers of Trade and TVET Cesnters;
    • Strengthening of economic contacts and agricultural topics;
    • Development of project-oriented climate protection and environmental topics in cooperation with international climate funds and businesses in Rhineland-Palatine;
    • Cultural and design cooperation with universities and initiatives in Rhineland-Palatine and Rwanda;
    • Further entrepreneur travel to Rwanda in 2020;
    • Stabilization of training of students in Kaiserslautern;
    • Administrative exchange on a municipal level between municipalities in Rwanda and some municipalities/counties in cooperation with University of Administrative Science Mayen.